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Learn to suture like a periodontist and
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Learn 16 Essential Techniques

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Suturing skills are essential to becoming a successful surgeon. With this complete step-by-step education system, you can suture with clarity, confidence, and precision.

If you’ve wondered how periodontists approach everything from full arch closures to emergency suturing, this course will reveal every step you need

Follow along with Dr. Ziv Simon to learn each technique and practice on the included ZPad®.

Most general dentists have gaps in their knowledge when it comes to the critical suturing techniques any successful surgeon can perform. These techniques have been locked behind closed doors or reserved for higher education students… until now.

Access the exact steps Beverly Hills Periodontist Dr. Ziv Simon uses in his practice and learn 16 suturing techniques at your own pace.

“Excellent training! Thank you Dr. Ziv Simon for the clarity and suturing system you taught me. I really enjoy doing surgery now and I’m proud of my suturing results.”

Dr. Leedia Nasser | Irvine, Orange County


Your Step-By-Step Path to
Success as a Surgeon

SurgicalMaster is all about shortening your learning curve by providing the most direct step-by-step path to learn surgical skills.

In this course, you’ll learn:


16 Suturing

In 50 concise videos, Dr. Simon shows you how to do each suturing technique.


How to Practice With
a ZPad​​®

Dr. Ziv Simon developed the two proprietary suturing pads you’ll receive, with all the most common clinical situations and injuries that require suturing.


How to Approach
Your Cases

Submit your cases for review in monthly group coaching sessions, where you can receive mentorship from Dr. Ziv.


Here’s What is Included in the

Suture Academy Course

The Suture Academy Online Course

Gain a comprehensive grasp of suturing skills

In this 7 module online course with over 70 step-by-step videos, Dr. Simon walks you through the various suturing techniques and the suturing principles you must follow to be successful.

Videos are short so you can watch at your leisure and get into the mindset of a successful surgeon.

This is the theoretical component of the course where you learn suturing success principles.

Practice to perfect your hand-eye coordination​

Dr. Ziv Simon developed the proprietary system now used around the world for suturing education. 

Get practical, hands-on training to master your suture. 


Practical hands-on training in
extreme closeup

Now you can master your suturing skills

This is unprecedented close-up documentation in detail with 4 different camera angles. Each HD video lesson is easy to follow along and replicate Dr. Simon’s every stitch.

You will see how Dr. Ziv Simon sutures better than if you were standing next to him. We’re here to make sure you learn exceptional, periodontist-level skills, so we’ve provided the best learning tools available!


The Suturing Atlas

With over 220 suture illustrations, this atlas will help you follow all of the techniques taught in the Suture Academy course. The atlas will be shipped to you upon course registration.

It illustrates every needle and thread tissue entry and exit point, so you have ultimate clarity on the process.

It’s called “Suturing made simple” for a reason!

Two ZPad® Suturing Pads - Classic & Survival

With all of the most common clinical situations you’ll need to master, the ZPad® simulates various conditions you’ll encounter.

The pad texture is soft like the oral soft tissues, making suturing a simple skill to learn. Just like tying your shoelaces. It’s intuitive.

ZPad® Survival Suturing Pad: This additional suturing pad teaches you how to suture facial lacerations and lip injuries that are common in dental practice.

Emergency lip suturing is essential to master for those unexpected calls from your patients.

This bonus pad gives you more suturing ground to practice and master suturing techniques. Most importantly, it helps you implement them in surgery and your practice.

12 Monthly Coaching Sessions

When you join Suture Academy, you are immediately enrolled in the SurgicalMaster® monthly group coaching. Here, dentists from around the world consult with Dr. Simon about their surgical cases.

For 12 months, you can submit cases and be mentored directly by Dr. Ziv Simon. Welcome to the Surgicalmaster® community!

“Hi Dr. Simon
I’m so happy with all my purchases and with the immense resources you’ve provided.”

Dr. Cihan Atlihan

“Got the Zpad today. Your program is super helpful. Just completed this!”

Dr. Cihan Atlihan


Created by Beverly Hills masters Dr. Ziv Simon and Dr. Rashad Riman, SurgicalMaster is finally making advanced surgery skills available to dentists… without expensive travel or additional degrees required.

Our community of supportive dentists grows together and shares the journey to more services, more masterful skills, and more successful practices. Welcome to the family!

“I love the transparency and simplicity of Dr. Ziv’s suture teaching. He talks about his mistakes and his shortcomings, not only about his successes, which makes for a superior educational experience.

I’m able to suture with confidence, maybe even close to the level of a periodontist!”

Dr. Phil Mendelovitz | Irvine, Orange County

“My simple

As with every SurgicalMaster training, I offer a full money-back guarantee.

This course has helped hundreds of dentists to master and grow their surgical skills. However, if you are unsatisfied for any reason, you can return this program within 30 days and you will be fully refunded. The risk is on me.

To your surgical success, prosperity, and happiness,

Ziv Simon, DMD, MSc

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“You finally take a course where they promise you’ll learn certain skills and they give you more. The difference and change in mindset that happens in what Ziv and Rashad are doing is being honest and uplifting others. No one else does that.

The things I have learned from SurgicalMaster are practical and make surgery fun!”

Dr. Ruth Caprini | Italy


Once your order is complete, we will use the billing address as your shipping address. All of our packages can be tracked and you will get an email confirmation with tracking number so you can count the hours until the pads come.

The Suturing atlas will come separately and we have the tracking for that as well.

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Immediately. Once you sign up for the course, you will create a unique password to be used with your login (your email address). An email will be sent to you with a link to access the training immediately, even before the suturing pads and the atlas arrive. For any technical problems, email our support team at

You will learn the most useful suturing techniques for private practice and their indications.

Here they are:

  • X Suture
  • Horizontal Mattress 
  • Vertical Mattress
  • Simple interrupted
  • Continuous Suture
  • Continuous single interlocking
  • Continuous double interlocking
  • Full arch closure
  • Single sling suture
  • Continuous sling suture
  • Donor site closure
  • Extraction socket closure
  • Flap retraction suture
  • Papilla suture
  • Horizontal-X suture
  • Laurell suture

Yes, it’s possible, but you will probably not need to for a while. We designed our proprietary suturing pad (the Zpad) so it lasts for a very long time. Once you suture it up, simply remove the suture and go at it again. And if you’re an avid surgeon and need more pad, then yes, we can get you more!

You will need basic instruments: Needle holder, cotton pliers and scissors. You can use any sutures you’d like. The ones that work best for the Zpad are Silk 4-0 and 5-0.

Stay tuned for the SurgicalMaster Intuitive Surgical kit which will also include suturing tools.

Yes. We are AGD PACE certified and you’ll be getting 20 AGD PACE credits.

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Save 20% - $1597

One payment

The New Suture Academy

($3,500 Value)


TOTAL: $8,994 $1597

Payment Plan

3 payments of $720

Save 20% - 3 Payments of $577

3 monthly payments of $720

The New Suture Academy

($3,500 Value)


TOTAL: $8,994 $577 x 3

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