Where to find energy now? (Part 4)

A message from Dr. Ziv Simon



March 19, 2020



Just finished a 3 hour webinar with dentists from all over the world. 300 people strong, learning about the mindset needed to stay calm and focused.

It's fun, but takes energy. It's Corona time so it would make sense to go home and rest. Office is still closed. I'll share some energy-gaining practices in a minute.

In the broadcast, I talked about creating a short-term game plan for this time to address patients, staff and the financial implications. I'll send you a replay soon. Then, a nice doctor made a comment in the chat: "I want a game-plan for a change right now, I can't wait" (I'm paraphrasing).

Here was my answer (as best as I can remember):

I want it too but I can't.

The office is closed. There are no patients coming in. Unless you have control over the Corona pandemic, there is nothing you can do about it. Your child may tell you: "I want Ice cream right now" and you would answer: "I understand you want this now but you can't. It's not possible, I'm sorry". Happens at least once a day.

The mindset needs to change from "I want it now" to "The world is different now. I must adapt to a new reality".

If your livelihood depends on patient treatment, and no patients are coming in, wanting harder will not help you". I get the frustration.

So right now the focus is damage control and keeping the lights on. Pay your bills, ensure your finances and keep calm.

How do you have energy?

I find it really hard not to work hard.  Energy comes from being fit.

In the training I talked about staying in great physical and mental shape. That's where I get my energy, focus and clarity from.

Both, physical and mental, fitness have 3 things in common:

1. Input

2. Burn

3. Output

Let's start with INPUT.

The input is what you put in you. In the physical world it's what you eat and drink. At times of crisis and stress, our body craves sugar, salt and fat. The primitive brain thinks there is danger and wants to stock up on energy food and minerals in case these resources will become scarce (the brain functions on fat and some glucose).

The primitive brain was created tens of millions of years ago. Today, you can find sugar, salt and fat in your favorite junk food. You already know what it does to you. 

The mental input is what you put in your head.

It's what you consume on the internet, TV, Netflix, radio and from friends and family. If your brain gets input of negative and scary messages, what will that do to your psyche. Censor the negativity.

Don't you feel nausea after gossiping? It's the negativity that affects you. 

You need to be on a mental diet. Don't let just anything in. Find positive things to feed your mind.

I have a trick to gain courage: Read biographies of great people. It works. Add these and also "The obstacle is the way" by Ryan Holiday to your mental diet.

The second thing is: BURN

In physical fitness, these are the calories your burn in exercising and moving your body. You promised me 20 minutes a day, remember?

In mental fitness, the burn is thinking and using your brain to plan, calculate, contemplate and sometimes meditate. I don't meditate in the traditional sense but all of these burn calories too. The brain is working. 

The last aspect of fitness is OUTPUT. 

In physical fitness the output is how you feel physically.

No pain in the morning, energy, being able to perform surgery for many hours with no problems, comfortable posture plus feeling  strong and refreshed. It also helps the esthetics of your body although this is not my priority.

The mental output you're getting from all of the above is clarity, calm and focus. This three will save you in most situations in life.

Sometimes I'm asked , how are you soooo calm when this and that happens. My simple answer: "I just did a 45 minutes spin, I'm full of endorphins, how can I be any other way". 

By the way, I too lose my temper sometimes. More spinning needed probably.

Practice physical and mental fitness. It's a common denominator for some of the most successful people in the world. 

Both are equally important (although I personally think the inner game is the most powerful, but let's keep them equal for now).

Please email back and let me know what practices of physical and mental fitness are you currently practicing and if you don't do anything, also let me know. Let's talk.

More live broadcasts are coming soon. We had close to a 1000 people register and we couldn't get them all in. We'll fix that.

Have a great rest of the day or evening. 

Stay strong!



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