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6 Protocols for Esthetic Zone Implants

Any general dentist can perform successful implant surgeries. In this 1-hour training, Dr. Ziv simon covers the insider’s knowledge to navigate 6 challenging steps of an implant.

Masters of Soft Tissue

Learn how to perform 4 common Soft Tissue Surgeries that many dentists fail to recognize and diagnose. From foundational knowledge to microscope video step-by-step execution, this course is a GAME CHANGER!

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Suture Academy

In a step-by-step way, you’ll learn how to suture for fast and optimal healing. BONUS: Comes with our proprietary customized Zpad for suture practice.

Esthetic & Functional Crown Lengthening Surgery

Gummy smiles? Tough crown margins? In clear and simple steps, you’ll learn incision and flap design and optimal soft tissue control for excellent results.

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Get on the waitlist for our next event.