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How to Sinus Lift & Place Implants with Clarity & Safety

...and double your implant opportunity.

In this free training, Beverly Hills periodontist, Dr. Ziv Simon will share his step-by-step roadmap to prepare the posterior maxilla for implants with simple sinus lift surgery.

This is what we’ll cover in this
free training:

Approaching the Case Correctly

Effective Planning & Execution

Managing Risks & Complications

Golden Bonus

After attending the training, you will have full clarity about the process of sinus lifting and replacing upper molars

When you have knowledge, you communicate with confidence. That is why we are teaching you the roadmap for sinus lift surgeries.

With this training, you’ll be able to:

This information is essential to increase your offerings, your surgical skills, and your income with sinus lift and upper implant surgeries!

Dr. Ziv Simon will present a proven system that you can start using immediately. Regardless of your experience level, you will be able to implement this training towards mastering sinus lift surgery.

Why Master Sinus Lift Surgery?

Because about 50% of all upper molar implants need some sort of sinus lift.

If you’re avoiding upper implants or placing them in the sinus with a high risk of complications and infections… you’re missing out on a lucrative opportunity for your practice.

When you learn exactly how to do sinus lifts, you can: