3 FULL DAYS (November 10-12, 2017)

Beverly Hills, California 


Get personally mentored and coached by the creator of SurgicalMaster, Dr. Ziv Simon

You've seen the videos, e-books, broadcasts, webinars and online courses. It's TIME to meet him in person and experience first hand his powerful teachings. Not only does he teach dentists step-by-step procedures and "How to" information but Dr. Simon motivates and inspires you the best you can be and achieve success.

How? By methodically teaching you the winner mindset and how top surgical specialists gain success.

It's TIME that

You Too Become a Surgical Master!

Learn the BEST Practices in Surgery Learn What is Working right NOW

You need to learn what is working NOW and what best practices the top surgical specialist use in their practice. Dr. Ziv Simon, "opens up the books" for you, and teaches you Highly predictable and esthetic procedures he is currently using in his Beverly Hills practice. No fluff and outdate information is allowed at the SurgicalMaster Academy. Watching it on the screen is one thing, having a mentor by you, talking to you, coaching and inspiring you is a totally different ball game (SEE BELOW WHAT'S INCLUDED IN THE COURSE).

Ziv created this course for you, the dentist wanting to excel in surgery and reach the top level of success.

This is why he modeled the course based on the structure of his implant Beverly Hills:

1. Creating a great implant site (day 1)

2. Strategies for ideal implant placement (Day 2)

3. Specialized procedures (Day 3)

One year mentoring post course mentoring and coaching will keep you on track to implement what you learned.

He also teaches you how to increase confidence and authority and how to create a winner's mindset critical for success.

NOW, YOU can learn the same strategies, methods, blueprints, techniques and implement them to create your own top implant practice. 

"Dr. Ziv Simon is a Rock Star in dentistry!

"He is teaching dentists how to become better, faster, and more efficient surgeons through his legendary SurgicalMaster.

Run, and don’t walk, to anywhere he is teaching."

                Howard Farran, DDS, MBA

                      Founder of DentalTown


Targeted, Concise & Comprehensive Training without Dogma, Fluff and Hype

You can take many individual courses on:

socket grafting, ridge augmentation, sinus lifts, socket shield, implant surgery etc etc, pay 10X more and get lost....OR

You can the SurgicalMastrer Academy Live Training and learn it all in one place with a mentor that is clear, supportive and motivates you to implement. Learn the important essence of each procedure in a "To-The-point" way, with actionable instructions.

Learn only what works and is performed on regular basis=Effective and predictable procedures. This shortens your learning curve which saves you time and money.

Ego, Hype and Dogma are NOT allowed inside the SurgicalMaster Academy. These only lead to disasters and disappointments.

Ziv has your back:

When he teaches you a procedure, he will always tell you what can go wrong, what's tricky, what you shouldn't do as yet and share his own failures and shortcomings. 

This course is intensive in knowledge but also structured with simplicity and brevity in mind. 

The main Key procedures needed for your success are included so you don't get overwhelmed and get paralyzed (many dentists with too much knowledge and conflicting information, over-think and over analyze -->leading to no activity)

Ziv simply wants you to "GET IT" and "DO IT".

Learn the Best Surgical Strategies & Build Your Own Top Implant Practice

Being a successful surgeon is not just being good technically and following the step-by-step.

Being  a successful surgeon means being cerebral, sharp, motivated and confident.

Successful surgeons utilize specific strategies that are intentional and meant to achieve the best possible results with minimal intervention, shortest amount of time and with safety as the highest priority and minimal side effects.

The only way to be successful in surgery is become like the top surgeons in the world.

If you copy the strategies and methodologies of a successful surgeon--> There is simply no other way but to become one.

I will point to the strategies that I use in my own practice and teach you

  • How I treatment plan
  • How I design incisions & flaps AND WHY
  • How I check implant integration AND WHEN
  • How I decide on healing times
  • How I decide on the suturing technique and sequence
  • How I present treatment plans

" Ziv Simon is the general dentist’s best friend to help integrate periodontal and implant surgery into our own practices. His “surgicalmaster” course is comprehensive and enlightening and will rapidly boost our own skills and confidence to the levels of far more experienced surgeons"


"Ziv is the ULTIMATE mentor. I'm now successful in crown lengthening. He's informative, concise and methodical to allow dentists create surgical success. I listen to him in the car and get educated and inspired . Thank you, Ziv, for your generosity in sharing your knowledge"


"" I just saw one of his Youtube videos and I got hooked to them and watched video after video. I wrote an email to him asking for his opinion on a case, I was thrilled to see his detailed reply within 35 minutes. I definitely recommend to dentists around the world to not leave any opportunity to learn from this great mentor""


"There are no other teachers like Ziv! His passion is contagious. He took the complexity out of this procedure so any dentist can feel comfortable performing it. I love his teaching and implement them every day in my practice. THANK YOU SENSEI!"


"Ever since I met Ziv I have been following his teachings, I’ve been following his videos and his publications and what I can tell you is HE CHANGED THE WAY I TEACH and I learned quite a bit from him"


"I really love SurgicalMaster! for me it's the STRONGEST AND MOST COMPLETE ONLINE PLATFORM in the whole dental community. I strongly recommend you to go and subscribe to the page where you can find Masters like Ziv Simon that for me is the best teaching online"


"I am very happy to be part of the SurgicalMaster group, definitely improving my surgical skills. Feeling more confident, but above all enjoying the journey to owning a successful dental practice. THANK YOU MASTER ZIV!"


"Dude, I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! Just wanted to let you know! THANK YOU for putting this together."


"Everything he’s been teaching me has given me the confidence to perform more complex surgeries, extractions, bone grafting, membrane placement and even just simple suturing techniques. It has really given me the confidence and made me feel excited about performing surgery."


What you will learn in the course

This is the short version:

When you join we touch base so we can learn more about you and  gather the areas you are lacking in and want solutions for. So when you show up to the course we have already prepared a plan of action for you.

The course is designed in a way that during every encounter (including our meals) we are constantly learning new things and challenging ourselves to reach a new level.

I have also included physical activities (which are optional) for doctors interested in high performance and reaching maximum potential.

LOCATION: BEVERLY HILLS DENTAL LAB Training Center, Beverly Hills California

9100 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 400W
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Day 1:
Dedicated to understanding and implementing the ridge augmentation blue print. All about socket grafting, bone, soft tissue, membranes, PRF, materials. We also included a hands-on exercise for soft tissue grafting and suturing.

Day 2:
Dedicated to strategies of implant planning, flap designs, incisions, suturing, bone adjustment and everything to do with the implant surgery+Live surgery

Day 3:
Dedicated to specialized procedures that make everything else better and also position you as a top surgeon. The magic bullets include pedicle palatal flaps, creating tunnels, depigmentation, Gum Drop technique, managing failures like a pro and basically "putting it all together"

We will then celebrate your graduation and indoctrination as a Surgical Master.

After the course, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Ziv will mentor you for one year and keep you on track in your surgical journey.

"I just want to thank you for all the time and effort that you put into creating all of your videos  and 

Every week I listen and I read to what you have produced and every time I do that kind of work in my practice it does help me immensely and

I always use your words of wisdom to make sure that I’m doing a good job!"

                Dr. Agim Hymar

                 Sydney, Australia

The LIVE Course Schedule (read carefully)


We will review your course application and touch base with you prior to the course so we can explore your particular challenges. We will prepare a course of action for you with custom recommendations so you can best implement all the you learned in the training. The power of this course is in our preparation to welcome you and maximize the training and coaching experience.

 Day 0

Opening Event (Thursday, November 9)

6:00PM This opening event is meant to set the tone for the whole course. You will meet with Dr. Simon in a small intimate setting together with other Surgical Masters from around the world. You will learn about Dr. Simon's philosophy that got him to where he is at right now and how you can implement these principles in your practice and life in general

7:30PM Dinner ++ Review of the current Surgical challenges that currently are tormenting the dental industry and what solutions will be taught in the training.

During this event you will be receiving the SurgicalMaster package that will accompany during the course.

"If you are a young dentist

who enjoys surgery, you would do yourself a great disservice if you don't join Surgical Master. Surgery is not hard if you have the right teacher,

and Dr. Ziv Simon knows how to teach you towards achieving your goals. Highly recommended to any growth focused young GP."

          Rawad Riman DDS

                 Beverly Hills, CA

Day 1

The Ridge Grafting Blueprint (Friday, November 10, 2017)

This day is dedicated to teaching you how to create an ideal implant site. There is no point in learning implants if your soft and hard tissue grafting skills are not sharp as yet.

You will start the day jogging or working out with Ziv (optional, only for the brave).

Breakfast  - Most important meal of the day and setting up the pace for what will be covered in this foundational training day. Dr. Simon will review what you will learn in order to conquer ridge grafting.

  • How to handle the 3 most common ridge defects?
  • How to narrow down the power of choice: Bone graft materials and membranes: What you must know.
  • The surgical instruments and how to use them
  • Goal of using growth factors like PRF, Sticky bone and iPRF
  • Phlebotomy exercise - Lessons from the Best phlebotomist in Beverly Hills
  • The potential of dentin grafting and the boost you'll get when you set it up in your practice.
  • The wonderful socket shield technique - Do's and Don'ts
  • How to maximize case acceptance - What to say and what not to say.
  • Soft tissue grafting for dental implants.
  • Hands-on exercise - soft tissue graft.
  • Contour grafting around implants - the Keys to your success
  • Failed bone grafts- How to handle clinically and how to communicate with the patient.
  • Hands-On: Suturing exercise on the zPAD system

Dinner: Failure teachings. What can and will go wrong every once in a while and how to handle it.


"Since I found him online its been my go to source for surgical training.

It's what I recommend for young dentists and new dentists around the country. Its a great program to invest in if you want to dig deep and get your hands dirty and start doing some surgical dentistry."

                Cole Brenny, DDS

                 Minneapolis, MN 


Day 2

Strategies and Mastering implant Surgery (Saturday, November 11, 2017)

This day is dedicated to you mastering the actual surgery and allowing you to understand sequencing, critical steps, decision making protocols and avoiding complications.

Breakfast  - Ziv will prepare you for what's coming during the day. This session is meant to clarify what is necessary to streamline an implant surgery with a simple flow with emphasis on safety and managing the patient.

  • How to assess a ridge for implants
  • Virtual planning made simple
  • presenting the case to your patient.
  • Flap vs Flapless approaches
  • Incision and flap designs for implants
  • Implant treatment planning
  • How to incorporate guided surgery in your practice
  • Live surgery 
  • Submerging implants
  • Breakout sessions 1-on-1 with Dr. Ziv Simon
  • Esthetic zone strategies

Dinner: The Esthetic Zone Magic Bullets that you must have to maximize your chances of success


"Dr. Ziv Simon has a fantastic passion to teaching.

I have watched several of his presentations and even myself has learned a lot from his material."

                Prof. Ziv Mazor, Periodontist

                 Ra'anana, Israel  

Day 3

Magic Bullets and specialized procedures (Sunday, November 12, 2017)

This day is an exciting day that will put everything together to ensure you are fully clear about the concepts discussed in the course

Breakfast  - Ziv will talk about the importance of performing specialized procedures and how to create your surgical Niche to differentiate you from your competition

  • Tunnel creation for grafting and emergence profile enhancement
  • The pedicle palatal graft - powerful vascular grafting
  • Hands-on - Rotated flaps and connective tissue harvest and suturing.
  • Sliding flaps
  • First time Launch of the H2JET Depigmentation system invented by Dr. Rashad Riman and developed by the SurgicalMaster team
  • Live surgery 
  • The Gum Drop Technique by Dr. Delia Tuttle
  • Breakout sessions 1-on-1 with Dr. Ziv Simon
  • Managing implant failures - Step-by-step methods
  • Put it all together- It's your turn now to take all that you learned and IMPLEMENT


Graduation Dinner and Ceremony

You will be awarded the Surgical Master Certificate of completion and graduation gift from our team.

The rest of the evening is pure fun with all the new surgical masters and Dr. Ziv Simon.


Continuous mentoring and coaching by Dr. Ziv Simon. You will have direct access to Dr. Ziv Simon and the other Surgical Masters to consult about cases, tackle problems and challenges and to make sure you continue your growth as a surgeon.

I don't live on the podium...

Dentists that have taken my training know that I don't spare any effort, time or energy to make sure your time and money is well invested.

I'm a real-world clinician that depends on the success of my practice just like you. I know what works in the real world and my job is to show you the best clinical procedures that I use.


...I PERSONALLY Train you

We will spend over 3 days togethr in the beautiful and intimate setting of Beverly Hills Dental Lab and with like-minded people (sorry, the course is limited attendance). This allows me to study your problems and give you strategies to implement when you are back in your practice.

"Some people are good practitioners, others are good educators, BUT a few people have both those things - and Dr. Ziv Simon has those.

He understands treatment from beginning to end, ALL the complications, and is able to educate those especially when it comes to complications.

I would highly recommend his SurgicalMaster Series and learning from the master

So you too can be a master!

                Gregori Kurtzman, DDS, 

                 Silver Spring, MD


SurgicalMaster is a GLOBAL Movement

By joining the SurgicalMaster Academy you are joining an elite group of dentists from all over the world that are like-minded, non judgemental and are aiming to reach the TOP surgical levels. Synergy is automatically created when combining elements like excitement, love for surgery, ambition, brain storming and FUN!


When you join the SurgicalMaster Academy

Membership in Surgical Mastermind

The power of Networking - You immediate get access to the Secret Surgical Mastermind group which is a "safe haven" to discuss cases and complications and get feedback from Dr. Ziv Simon and all the other Surgical Masters around the world.


$2,997 Value

The implant Gold Rush online program

6 weeks of online training in implant surgery on esthetic implants, immediate replacement, sinus augmentation, posterior mandible and dealing with the missing buccal plate

53 videos

15 CE credits


$1,497 Value

SPEAK CT: The general dentist's guide To reading & analyzing  CT scans

An online program with 10 videos teaching you how to analyze CT scans which is a critical for implant surgery

2 CE credits


$2,500 Value

CGI BOX: Learn to plan your own guided surgery cases on your computer

Includes all the instructional videos to plan cases with NO NEED to buy a software

10 CE credits


$997 Value

Implant Strategy Training (Audio Program)

Learn to set up your practice for implant surgery. Understand the implant consultation, preparation for surgery, informed consent, protocols and team interactions.

6 CE credits


$397 Value

The Road Map from Beginner to Master Implant Surgeon  

In this audio program you will learn about the exact path you need to take to reach the top level of implant surgery. Where to start? What courses you need? and more questions answered in this program. This part of a series called "The Bulletproof Surgeon".

1 CE credit


$500 Value

The Beverly Hills 3-Day Live Implantology Broadcast

Learn simple pearls on creating a successful implant practice. The Set-up and economics of dental implants. Step-by-step strategic integration of implants and continued growth.

9 CE credits


$105 Value

Surgical Master Scrubs

1 original Galaxy blue scrub and 1 black scrub (we will inquire about your size and we have many options for and every body type).



$50 Value

SurgicalMaster Surgical Cap

2 SurgicalMaster Surgical Caps. 


$55 Value

SurgicalMaster T-Shirts

You'll be getting the original blue T-shirt but also the black implant gold rush limited edition



Included in the Implant Accelerator Program

An EXTRA ticket and tuition waiver

You can bring your assistant, office manager, treatment coordinator or an other supporting stuff to all classes, activities, meals and events (not applicable to dentists).


"SurgicalMaster is an invaluable resource for any dentist who is committed to excelling and being the best at what they do. I use it, a lot of my colleagues use it and so should you! ."

          Delia Tuttle, DDS. MD

                    Inventor of the "Gum Drop Technique"

                 Canyon Lake, CA  


Implant Accelerator Program, Live 3-Day Hands-on Course  $9,885

Implant Gold Rush Online $2,997

Speak CT $1,497

CGI BOX $2,500

Implant Strategy Training $697

Bulletproof Surgeon $497

Implantology Broadcast $500

Scrubs, T-shirts & Surgical Cap $185


TOTAL: $18,885

I am investing $10,000 in your education because I believe in your potential 


Total is: $8,885

Here is my promise and the "Unheard of" Guarantee

Let me take you be the hand and guide you towards Surgical success. Join the SurgicalMaster Academy for our upcoming live hands-on course in Beverly Hills.

If you feel disappointed, or that the investment wasn't worth OR if you were not BLOWN-AWAY by the content, the learning experience and the value I create, please see us after the course and you will receive your full money back. 

Yes. Take the training. Get the 10 bonuses. Learn and acquire the information and it's fully guaranteed if I didn't exceed your expectations. And...

...If that's the case, I will refund you, not only your $8,885 tuition but also reimburse your for your flight expense. Yes. You are reading this right and I'm that confident in our ability to deliver.

I know you will benefit from learning the best surgical practices and strategies in a course where you can learn all in one place. I know that mentoring and coaching you after the course is over will allow you to implement and excel.

I know you will love the SurgicalMaster movement and the excellent people that join it.

How do I know? 

I was in your position once and moved along the same path I paved for you in the SurgicalMaster Academy.

To your surgical success!




Tuesday, September 26, 2017 at 11:59 PM:

We are planning to start with the pre-course as soon as possible and when you register we will contact you to start gathering the information we need to help you get to the next level in your surgical practice.









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