The Zone Extraction Method

Learn the step-by-step system for elegant, effective & predictable tooth extractions.
Learn the extraction system for every tooth
See live surgical extraction footage
Implement the method to extract teeth easily & quickly

Extractions don't have to feel scary to you or your patients.

Many dentists avoid extractions because of old-school methods learned in dental school or “on the job”. The old way to extract teeth is painfully long and cumbersome.

There is a better way to do extractions – a way that feels more like a ballet than a bad dream.

Join the Zone Extraction Method to learn our proven recipes for the perfect pull – ensuring enhanced patient experience, better bone preservation, better implant sites, and faster healing. 

This is the only program that teaches you a METHOD to extract, rather than a hundred case-by-case options. Master this skill to uplevel your service and reputation.

What can the Zone Extraction Method do for you?

When patients come to you with pain and nervousness, your confidence makes all the difference. How do you feel about extraction cases?

If you learned the ‘take these pliers and pull’ extraction method in dental school, you’ve probably realized it doesn’t work in real life. Extraction is one of the oldest procedures in history… but why keep antiquated methods?

Incorporating the Zone Extraction Method means less damage to soft tissues, creating better sites for future implants, and reducing overall complications.

This not only elevates your professional reputation but also ensures a far better patient experience.

Here's the good news:

There is a finite number of extraction scenarios for each tooth in the mouth.

We identified those scenarios and created clear extraction plans so you can approach each case correctly and perform a perfect extraction.

With the Zone Extraction Method…

You will learn the system to confidently plan extractions and have the recipe for a perfect pull - every time.

Join SurgicalMaster’s newest program to learn with Dr. Ziv and Dr. Brittany, and gain the rare experience of learning with a seasoned periodontist and an oral surgeon.

You’ll be able to approach each case with the finesse of a surgical specialist, and rely on methodical, refined, and predictable results.

The Zone Extraction Method

Here's how our succinct program equips you to perform on the level of a periodontist:

Get a clear extraction plan for EVERY tooth and EVERY extraction scenario. This includes a simple and methodical formula on how to execute from X-ray analysis, to anesthesia, tools, splits, and cuts, up to a successful removal in a printable PDF file format.


See extraction videos by Dr. Ziv (periodontist) and Dr. Brittany (oral and maxillofacial surgeon) taking you through every step of the Method. Learn from two seasoned surgical specialists to quickly master extractions.


Gain access to one year of coaching by Dr. Ziv Simon. Submit your extraction cases for review, feedback, and guidance. This is a critical component in implementing the Zone Extraction Method.


Get the extraction plans for upper and lower third molar extraction with different impaction scenarios. Learn with an oral and maxillofacial surgeon and gain confidence and clarity about the forceps, elevators, and burs to execute third molar extraction.


Esthetic extractions are known to be extremely tricky, and we want you to have full confidence in extracting teeth from this prominent area. Learn from Dr. Ziv Simon as he helps you to navigate these challenging procedures.

Inside The Method:

8 Extraction Zones with 3 Extraction Scenarios Each

Developed over decades of hands-on experience by Dr. Simon, the Zone Extraction Method identifies 8 zones in the mouth to help you identify the best extraction approach. It also defines 3 types of extraction scenarios, with an extraction plan for each scenario.

Each zone recipe is color-coded with clear instructions on how to assess the tooth for extraction and determine the extraction difficulty level (in printable PDF file format). They also include the tactics, tools, burs and step-by-step instructions for each extraction scenario that leads to the perfect pull – every time.


In this program, you’ll gain the periodontal and oral surgery perspective, a first for any of our SurgicalMaster programs.

Ziv Simon D.M.D. M.Sc.

Dr. Ziv Simon is a practicing periodontist in Beverly Hills, CA and the creator of the Zone Extraction Method.

He obtained his dental degree from Tel Aviv University, where he held a teaching position in the Department of Prosthodontics. He received his periodontal graduate degree from the University of Toronto where he obtained a Master of Science degree in Periodontology. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology and Implant Surgery and a Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada in the discipline of periodontology. 

Brittany Sonnichsen D.M.D.

Dr. Brittany Sonnichsen is an accomplished oral and maxillofacial surgeon practicing in Los Angeles, CA. 

Dr. Sonnichsen graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Georgetown University in 2008, then attended dental school at the University of Connecticut, where she earned her Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree. Dr. Sonnichsen is board-certified by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. 

Dr. Ziv Simon has taught more than 100,000 dentists worldwide and sets the standard for surgical education:

Simple, concise, predictable, safe and affordable.

Learn the new streamlined method to perform extractions in a clear and precise way.

“Dr. Ziv Simon is the GP’s best friend! He is committed to sharing his knowledge and experience.  He takes the mystery and challenges of surgical procedures and breaks them down to easy to follow steps so they can be incorporated into our own daily practices.”

Dr. Carl Werts, Glendale, CA

“The Zone Extraction Method has helped me to have an extraction plan in my mind.

Ziv’s teaching style is very thorough, well-thought out and organized, and this Method has transformed the way I practice.

I plan everything and this planning helps me be systematic and confident and consistent and I get better treatment results.”

Dr. Maha Kaga


“I want to personally thank Ziv and Rashad for everything you have taught me. The knowledge and wisdom that you have shared with me has been a great help throughout my career. My success is a great reflection of your mentorship.”

Dr. Brainard Llanes

Master Extractions
of All Kinds

Extracting broken teeth with curved roots can be intimidating… 
with the Zone Extraction Method, you’ll be prepared for every case.

If you deal with...

The Zone Extraction Method will change everything for you.

The Zone Extraction Method Curriculum

The Zone Extraction Recipes (Printable PDF Files)

Access Dr. Ziv’s extraction recipes for every tooth in the mouth in a simple and concise printable handout. All the factors you need to consider for a successful extraction are there and you will achieve it by following the step-by-step instructions.

See How to Fully Apply the Method with Zone Implementation Tutorials

These six trainings will show Dr. Ziv and Dr. Brittany applying the Zone Extraction Method to plan an extraction based on a single x-ray.

Learn Extractions from a Master - and See How Simple It Really Is

Watch as Dr. Ziv plans and executes 14 complex extractions on a single patient. You’ll learn the periodontist’s perspective in these thorough teaching videos that take you through the entire procedure.

Learn How an Oral Surgeon Performs Extractions in Each of the 8 Zones

Dr. Brittany walks you through her methods to address each of the 8 zones as an oral surgeon. Enjoy closeup videos of extraction steps for each zone.

Uncover an Oral Surgeon's Secrets to Ergonomically Correct Extractions

Dr. Brittany shows you how to position your patient for maximum ease and comfort based on the tooth being extracted. You’ll also learn how best to position yourself for extractions to avoid fatigue and protect your body.

Esthetic Zone Exodontia - Discover How to Navigate These Challenging Procedures

Esthetic extractions are known to be extremely tricky, and we want you to have full confidence in extracting teeth from this prominent area. 

Learn The Socket Shield Technique - One of the Most Lucrative Procedures Currently Available in Dentistry

The socket shield technique allows for complete preservation of the ridge for implants by leaving a small part of the root to support the buccal bone and tissue. Dr. Simon will share his predictable technique in the same clear and concise manner he teaches the Zone Extraction Method. This training alone is worth the tuition for the course.

Learn the Exact Protocol Oral Surgeons Use for Extracting Wisdom Teeth.

Eliminate all of the doubt when it comes to flap design and bone removal for the different scenarios for wisdom teeth impaction.


When you join the Zone Extraction Method now, you’ll unlock 3 exclusive bonuses for a limited time... valued at over $5700!


Access to the Monthly Coaching Show (1 year)

12 Monthly Group Coaching Sessions with Dr. Ziv Simon and the SurgicalMaster® team of Mentors.

Bring your clinical cases and challenges, and go live to discuss and troubleshoot your next big case or simply ask the burning questions that come up in the course of your day-to-day dental practice. 

This monthly group coaching show inspires, educates, and provides you with a safe supportive community of mentors and doctors who simply enjoy our dental profession and constantly strive to grow and do better. 

Value: $4,800


Training - How to Present and Sell Extraction Procedures

Dr. Simon not only teaches you the technical aspects of the Zone Extraction Method, he supports your success with the case presentation system for maximum acceptance. 

You’ll get the exact script he uses when presenting extraction procedures to patients. It’s a communication system that projects confidence and positions you as the right person to treat them.

Value: $497


Special Training: How to Extract Integrated Implants

The zone extraction method teaches you all the needed protocols to extract teeth but when it comes to removing implants, the methodology is different because implants are “anchored” to the jaw.

In this training, Dr. Simon teaches his explantation system for different scenarios. You will learn how to remove failed implants safely and with the least trauma possible based on Dr. Simon’s implant removal algorithm.

Value: $497

The Zone Extraction Method

How Does it Work?

Get immediate access to the extraction training modules that include the extraction systems of periodontists and oral surgeons, with step-by-step extraction protocols for every tooth - including impacted wisdom teeth.

Download the Extraction Recipes (printable PDF files) for every tooth in the mouth, and the exact consent forms and post-op instructions used by Beverly Hills specialist Dr. Ziv in his practice.

Watch the Zone Implementation tutorials with Dr. Ziv and Dr. Brittany to learn how to apply the Zone Extraction Method in your practice (including wisdom teeth and esthetic zone exodontia).

Review your extraction cases with Dr. Ziv during monthly coaching sessions to plan your cases and get feedback on the ones you've performed.

View the bonus trainings How to Present & Sell Extraction Procedures, & How to Remove Implants.

Master performing extractions and enjoy increased confidence and profit in your practice.

Dr. Lei Hayashi, with the Extraction Recipes

Here's What You Get with the Zone Extraction Method

  • Practical application videos with Dr. Brittany, an oral surgeon, and Dr. Ziv, a periodontist.
  • Zone Extraction Recipes: Color-coded plans to prepare for every extraction case (printable PDF files).
  • Eight Zone Implementation Tutorials
  • Learn how to navigate tricky extractions in the esthetic zone.
  • Learn the step-by-step procedure for upper and lower wisdom teeth extractions, including difficult impactions.
  • The ultimate technique to preserve bone and tissue in the esthetic zone.
  • Watch two surgical specialists from two different disciplines execute effective and elegant extractions.
  • In this distilled training, learn how to properly position your patient and yourself for a comfortable extraction procedure (without breaking your back or neck).

Plus Bonuses:






“I signed up for the Zone Extraction Method to pick up tips – always trying to do things more efficiently. It has helped me with a systematic approach to extraction of teeth, and enables me to help prepare my assistants with what to prepare for. The teaching is clear and descriptive, easy to follow and pragmatic. 

Every clinician removes teeth. Even the most expert clinicians often learn the greatest “pearls” from colleagues.”

Dr. Samuel DeAngelo, Periodontist

The Opportunity for Extractions is Enormous...

You'll finally be able to help patients with these situations:

Which leads to compounding success and empowers you to:


As with all of my trainings, I offer a full money back guarantee.

I’m confident you will find the course useful and effective, however if you are unhappy in any way or feel that you did not receive the value you expected for any reason, we can terminate access and give you a full refund within 30 days.

To your surgical success, prosperity and happiness,

Ziv Simon DMD. Msc.

Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology and Implant Surgery


Upon joining the Zone Extraction Method, you will have immediate access to:

  • Dr. Ziv’s Zone Implementation Tutorial for each of the eight zones, where he covers in detail how to use the Zone Recipe to plan for your extractions.
  • Dr. Brittany’s walkthroughs of how an oral surgeon approaches extractions in each of the eight zones.
  • Extraction ergonomics training videos.
  • Comprehensive video series following Dr. Ziv as he plans and executes 14 complex extractions on a single patient. You’ll learn the periodontist’s perspective in these thorough teaching videos that take you through the entire procedure.
  • The eight printable PDF Zone Recipes, along with post op instructions, time out procedure, and extraction consent form.
  • Socket Shield Technique Training
  • Esthetic Zone Exodontia Training
  • How to Present & Sell Extractions Training
  • How to Extract Integrated Implants Training
  • Wisdom Teeth Training

Every month we will have a live session of the Surgical Master Monthly Coaching Show, where we review member cases and cover key topics important for your growth and answer questions. 12 months access to the Monthly Coaching Show is included with the Zone Extraction Method. 

Absolutely! We encourage and want you to participate. That enables us to understand where you are in your learning curve so that we can help you go to where you want.

All of the pre-recorded trainings are available immediately within your members’ area. You will receive invites and links to the live sessions via email, and the replays will be uploaded to your members’ area in a timely fashion.

You get unlimited access to the main course materials so you can move through them at any time and at your own pace, and you will have one year of access to the Monthly Coaching Show & Mentorship. Once the year is over you will be given the option to renew your access to the Monthly Coaching Show.

You do not need any special software to access the course materials, as they are hosted on a cloud-based platform. This means you can access it from any device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) with an internet connection. It is compatible with all operation systems (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android). 

For any technical problems, email our support team at Help@surgicalmaster.com.

This course is for any dentist who is eager and open to learning and performing extractions like a periodontist in their practice. A key prerequisite to succeeding this program is you must ENJOY furthering your skills and be open to being coached. Don’t do it just for the money.

Absolutely! The goal here is to give you a safe environment where you are free to ask any questions you want without feeling judged. It’s clear for us what you need to succeed in soft tissue surgery– we’ve seen these cases thousands of times and know where things can go wrong. Our job is to keep you safe when you consult us on cases you are considering. We want you to have clarity on your goals and limitations and the ability to avoid pitfalls before you reach them.

You will get 18 CE credits upon passing the final course exam (code 310 – Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery).

You have unlimited access to the online program. You will also receive 1-year access to mentorship by our experts via the Monthly Coaching Show where you can bring any case you wish to treat or have questions about.

The only prerequisites are a valid dental license and a willingness to learn!


SurgicalMaster® is currently the fastest-growing online education company for dentists in the world.

With tens of thousands of dentists graduating from our effective online courses and masterminds, attending live events, millions of views on social media, 10,000 person broadcast participation, thousands of book sales, and proprietary teaching aids now used around the world…

We are changing the game.

We’re lifting the monopoly on high-end knowledge, techniques, and treatment systems, so you can create a stable career that fulfills you.

Master the elegant, simple, and systematic method to confidently extract teeth.

Keep your extraction cases in-house with specialist-level extractions that run smoothly. Get your recipes for the perfect pull with the Zone Extraction Method!