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Grow Your Revenue with
Dr. Simon’s Proven Periodontal Surgery System

Learn every step to perform non-elective treatment on existing patients and create a growth center in your practice.
Diagnose correctly every time
Treat non-elective cases well
Bring in recurring business
Improve implant success rate

Periodontal cases don't need to be confusing or scary.

Most dentists see at least one patient a month who complains of pain and has a mess of periodontal issues. It’s far too normal to overlook these cases or avoid them entirely.

There hasn’t been a universal protocol for diagnosing and treating these seemingly complex (but very common) cases… until now.

When you learn the simple system to address these cases, you’ll create a regular income stream and do right by the patients who just want their mouth to stop hurting.

Address periodontitis, perio abscesses, bleeding, hyperplasia, deep pockets, bone loss, furcations, lichen planus, autoimmunity, canker sores, papilloma, cancer, basic biopsy techniques, lesions… and more!

The Turn-Key Perio System for General Dentists

Here’s how our succinct program equips you to perform on the level of a periodontist in just six teaching modules:

This course helps you diagnose cases into 3 buckets and choose a simple treatment path that you can communicate to the patient. You can implement the perio business model completely in less than two months.


Submit your cases each month for review and individualized feedback from our mentors to guide you in the right direction.


Learn from our guest perio experts as they share from their areas of expertise to expand your learning and build your skills.

What is the
"SurgicalMaster® Perio Program"?

The easiest way to generate recurring income in your practice is by mastering the techniques to solve the most high-demand, non-elective, health-related problems patients regularly need help with.

Dental school makes periodontal issues seem completely overwhelming and inessential to a thriving practice– there are so many bacteria, multiple symptoms, and you’re still not prepared to communicate with patients or structure perio into your business model.

While most of the dental world pushes veneers and implants instead of actually addressing the problem, you’ll build a high-demand service if you can help patients keep their teeth (which they prefer), accurately explain the treatment plan, and correctly treat them.

In this 6-module training, you won’t have to sift through disease types. You’ll learn the exact methods that Dr. Ziv Simon, a double-boarded periodontist in Beverly Hills, uses in his practice. You’ll be able to charge fairly, communicate with patients, manage stable revenue from perio cases, and receive mentorship and coaching to perfect your skills.

“Ziv Simon has generously shared his knowledge and experience to me, a general dentist, giving me the confidence to expand surgical treatment options, and renew my interest and enhance my abilities in surgery.

This has been a true gift to my patients and myself. Ziv is a complete person and true professional whom I consider a friend and mentor."
Dr. Rick Glassman

Dr. Ziv Simon has taught more than 100,000 dentists worldwide and sets the standard for surgical education:

Simple, concise, clear, predictable, safe and affordable.

Finally get the clarity and confidence to diagnose and treat common periodontal cases.

“I recently completed the Perio Program training and I have to say, it was an incredibly beneficial experience.

Dr Ziv was excellent and provided clear, detailed instruction.

I highly recommend this program to any dental professional in treating periodontal disease.”

Dr. Rene Ou

“I chose to enroll in the Perio Program because after many years of private practice and seeing that sometimes our periodontal treatments were successful and other times not so predictable, I wanted to learn what Dr. Simon tells his patients and how he treats and conveys the expectations of periodontal therapy. 

If you want up to date knowledge, clarity and confidence in periodontal diagnosis and treatment and how to properly communicate (proper verbiage) to your patients to calibrate their expectations, then Dr. Ziv Simon and his Perio Program will deliver that to you.” 

Dr. George Limantzakis


“I always found Perio complex yet I could not avoid it as it is integral to all dental treatments.

The Perio Program simplified the process of diagnosis and management into the rule of 3 – i.e. 3 Stages, 3 Grades, and 3 Treatment Buckets.

The teaching style is very simple, realistic and applicable the next day.

The Perio Program is value for money both as a self career investment and an investment for the practice.”

Dr. Sarah S Kiweewa

"A great bunch of people who are very similar minded, willing to evolve and grow and get better and being under a fantastic trainer, Dr. Ziv Simon.
A real treat!"
Dr. Kavendra Naidoo
New Zealand
"I used to not do much surgery at all, and since I started with SurgicalMaster, I’ve been doing a lot more surgery, has improved my bottom line and renewed my interest in dentistry."
Dr. Patrick Yee
"It’s unique, it’s powerful on multiple levels. Anybody that’s looking to improve their game both clinically, professionally, personally, THIS IS A GREAT INVESTMENT!"
Dr. Mark Link

The Opportunity in Treating Perio Cases is Enormous

Finally know what to do when your patients want to save their teeth and stop their pain.





The Winning Perio Exam and Diagnosis

In this module, participants will learn the exact system Dr. Simon uses in his periodontal practice to examine and diagnose a patient with a periodontal condition.  

You’ll see the records he takes, the tests he recommends, the diagnoses (1 of 3 bucket diagnoses) and exactly how he communicates to his patients. You’ll see the fee structure and the forms he uses during this exam, and understand the potential this system has to uplevel your business.



Treatment Plan with the Confidence of a Periodontist

In this module, Dr. Simon teaches how to use the records you took and turn it into an action plan. He provides you with a template for each diagnosis and shows you how to complete it.

In module 2, you get the big picture view on perio care start to finish (for all 3 diagnosis types). You’ll come away with clarity most dentists don’t have, and the foundations to understand all perio conditions.



Simple Preparation for Surgery

In this module, Dr. Simon teaches you the simple and most effective periodontal treatment. Learn exact SRP system he uses in his periodontal practice.

See every detail of successfully and correcty treating non-surgical perio cases, and learn why non-surgical treatment is more streamlined and profitable.



Perio Surgery 101

In this module, Dr. Simon teaches you how to perform a simple periodontal procedure for debriding osseous defects, grafting those defects, and reducing perio pockets.

Most perio patients will need between 1-4 quadrants of osseous surgery, and you will be able to provide this care. Learn Dr. Simon’s exact surgical protocol, how he communicates their issue for case acceptance, the instruments, and the correct bone graft formula.



Creating a Profitable Hygiene Program That Runs Like Clockwork

The most successful treatment for perio patients is routine hygiene and patients are already indoctrinated to have “cleanings” done on a regular basis. In this module, Dr. Simon will teach you how to build a hygiene program at the level of a periodontal specialist.

Learn and use the hygiene protocols and systems Dr. Simon has in his Beverly Hills Periodontal practice with 15 hygiene days per week and 7 hygienists.



Next-Level Treatment for Challenging Perio Cases

Periodontal disease is a condition that cannot be cured, only improved and managed. In this module, Dr. Simon will take you through the ideal care for complicated and challenging cases.

Learn how to handle patients that don’t respond to treatment and how to avoid patient disappointments by keeping full transparency and forward movement. See the case selection criteria to ensure you are handling patients at the highest level of care.