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“I never felt in other courses that I was establishing the clarity I needed to feel confident about what I was doing. Now, I really have developed those skill sets.

“At first I went to a lot of different sources (to grow my business), but it was slow… For myself personally, when I met you I was really in need of some mentorship.

Ziv and Rashad helped me develop a mindset and blueprint almost like an
olympic athlete. I’m able to visualize my surgeries, to preplan them and go in with a lot of confidence. They have this combination of being really good at teaching and also being honest with complications and how to handle those complications. I’ve never experienced that kind of accessibility from anybody, especially of this caliber.

Rashad complements by asking Ziv questions that allow the audience to
feel comfortable asking their questions. And the one-on-one mentorship
is great: The best way to learn that is to have your own case and then run
it by someone who’s done it a thousand times.

Now, 40% of my practice is soft tissue grafting, sinus grafting, extraction and bone grafting, and socket shields. It is really rewarding to do some of these cases. Patients really do appreciate that they can go to one place to have their problems solved.”

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Dr. Mark Link, DDS  |  Colorado, USA

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“This is the most genuine program and safe space for honest feedback that I’ve found.”

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I was starting to get burnt out. My career was kind of stalling, it wasn’t going anywhere. I think this learning is helping me revitalize my interest in dentistry.

I wanted to learn more about implant dentistry, it does seem to be a profitable endeavor. And then gum surgery, because there’s a lot of it with implants.

When I found Ziv’s YouTube channel I really liked his philosophy. I don’t think he’s doing it just for the money. He loves teaching and he’s really good at responding to questions.

Now, most importantly, I feel more like a doctor. Surgery is what I really want to do, so that’s helping my self esteem. I feel more confident and it’s helping me sell more cases.

Ziv and Rashad are genuinely trying to help people, they want you to grow.

If you learn with SurgicalMaster… it will be a great journey. You will gain knowledge and a lot of support. If you have any questions, they always answer. This is the most genuine program and safe space for honest feedback that I’ve found.

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Dr. Patrick Yee, DDS  |  California, USA

Other Success Stories

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“They are teaching dentists how to become better, faster and more efficient through the legendary SurgicalMaster. Wherever they teach, don’t walk -RUN!”
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Howard Farran, DDS, MBA  |  Founder & Publisher of DentalTown

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“Ziv Simon is devoted to teaching dentists how to achieve surgical success. His advice is comprehensive and SO useful and PRACTICAL. He is the general dentist’s best friend!”
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Rick Glassman, DDS  |  Weslake Village, California

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“SurgicalMaster is an invaluable source for any dentist who is committed to excelling and being the best at what they do. I use it, a lot of my colleagues use it and so should you!”
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Delia Tuttle, MD, DDS  |  Canyon Lake, California

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