SurgicalMaster Almost

Didn’t Happen.

Rashad was ready to quit dentistry to drive for Uber.
Ziv had given up on teaching his surgical techniques beyond his local community.

And neither dentist knew of the other.

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Dr. Riman excited about finishing dental school still a fresh grad in this photo circa 2005
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Rashad, who grew up in Lebanon,
graduated dental school with an
unbounded passion for his new profession.

He dreamed of advancing his patient care by learning from seasoned dentists who would enthusiastically help him learn and grow. He was in for a disappointing shock. As he moved through his career, dentist after dentist withheld their surgical knowledge to retain their professional advantage.

Rashad kept looking for a mentor,

changing jobs to find one, but 60 dental offices later he was completely discouraged by half-truths and hidden knowledge. Along the way, he’d lost faith in his ability to offer a high level of quality patient care and get compensated properly. So Rashad downloaded the app to become an Uber driver.

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Surgical Master Image
Dr. Rashad Riman at one of his 60+ offices tour in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
circa 2009

Ziv was destined to be a dentist. He came from a family of dentists.

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Ziv’s grandfather, Dr. Eliezer Simon, started dentistry in the Simon family almost 100 years ago
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Ziv’s grandfather, Dr. Eliezer Simon, started dentistry in the Simon family almost 100 years ago
The Simon family dentists: Ziv Simon (periodontist), Ady Simon (General dentistry), Eli Simon (Oral & maxillofacial surgery), Harel Simon (Prosthodontics)
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Ziv at 18 years-old when he joined the army and in his early days as a dentist

There was no question, that 3 weeks after serving in the Israeli military he would be in dental school. Despite never being top of his class in college or residency, his time in the army instilled in him the high level of discipline and composure that would make him a renowned surgeon with many famous patients.

But Ziv also longed to make a large impact by teaching surgery.

He loved opportunities to take the stage and fully share his expertise, all his surgical secrets, even his business practices.

But quickly, he discovered what he didn’t love about teaching – long flights, hotel rooms, time away from his family, less time for his patients, all to impact only a small gathering of dentists.

So after an exhausting long flight to Japan for an audience of only 30, he decided, no more out of town teaching.

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So Rashad was starting the process for becoming an Uber driver while at the same time Ziv had resigned himself be unable to share his expertise far and wide. If not for a patient Rashad still had under his care,

SurgicalMaster would not have happened.

Rashad was taking care of what looked to be one of his final patients. He called a friend he’d gone to dental school with, seeking a referral to a great periodontist. I’m at an HMO office, Steve. I want my patient to get the best care, and the periodontist in this office isn’t that good. Can you refer me to one?” Steve replied, “Talk to this guy Ziv, Ziv Simon is the best.” Rashad made the call.

Ziv was teaching a course at USC and invited Rashad to attend his class so that they could grab a coffee after.

Rashad attended expecting to meet a highly regarded periodontist.

Instead, in Ziv he saw the mentor he'd been looking for his entire career.

Rashad saw a master dentist in Ziv, an extraordinary teacher, a phenomenal educator who shared everything he knew without reservation or ego – who is succeeding immensely in the highly competitive market of Beverly Hills, as a wet-fingered surgical specialist, 5 days a week.

After class, at the first opportunity to speak to the man who had just reinvigorated his passion for dentistry, Rashad said to Ziv, “Let’s take what you’re doing and share it with the world, not just 10-20-30 doctors in a room. We can do it online.”


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was born.

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Today, SurgicalMaster shares the usually guarded secrets of surgery with hundreds of thousands of dentists worldwide.

The company sees dentists in their programs go from confusion, fear, and lack of confidence to master surgeons with highly successful practices.

The secret to the company’s tremendous success is the combination of its co-founders. Ziv, a master surgeon, gives SurgicalMaster an authority that dentists respect and trust. Rashad, a general practitioner, gives SurgicalMaster perspective on precisely what dentists desire for their patients and their professional growth. Together, they are alike in living their mission to empower dentists to become the greatest doctors they can be.


Rashad never had to drive for Uber. He met Ziv just in time to realize the reason for his unusual path through so many different dental practices. Life was preparing Rashad for his purpose. In addition to his co-founder role at SurgicalMaster today, Rashad has a successful dental practice of his own in Beverly Hills.

Professional Bio

Ziv Simon, D.M.D., M.Sc.

Ziv Simon is a periodontist practicing in Beverly Hills, California. He obtained his dental degree from Tel Aviv University, where he held a teaching position in the Department of Prosthodontics. He received his periodontal graduate degree from the University of Toronto where he obtained a Master of Science degree in Periodontology.
He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology and Implant surgery and a Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada in the discipline of periodontology.
Dr. Simon has conducted scientific and clinical research on bone engineering, dental implants and soft tissue surgery and has published in peer-reviewed journals like Implant Dentistry, Journal of the California Dental Association, International Journal of Periodontics & Restorative Dentistry, Journal of the Canadian dental association and more.

Rashad Riman, D.D.S.

Rashad Riman owns R Dental Group with his brother and sister, a boutique general and cosmetic dentistry practice in Beverly Hills, CA. He specializes in rehabilitating mismanaged cases and putting patients at ease with his comprehensive skillset.

Dr. Rashad is best known for his ability to sculpt a preview model of a smile for his patients, and for inventing new and better ways to offer care.

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We believe we are the result of our surroundings and our thoughts, and if you put your mind to anything and seek mentorship you can achieve it. ​