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The only course you’ll ever need to master esthetic and functional crown lengthening surgery.

With Ziv’s proven protocols, you can become a leader in esthetic and functional crown lengthening and the go-to dental surgeon in your area.

Everything You Need In One Program:

Esthetic & Functional Crown Lengthening Training

This online training will teach you the tools, incisions, flap design, and principles you must know to perform crown lengthening surgery exactly like Dr. Ziv does at his Beverly Hills practice.

Crown Lengthening Strategies

Learn how to set up your practice for success with crown lengthening, including patient communication and collaborating with the supporting staff and administration.

Create Beautiful,
Fast-Healing Results

Understand how to manage gummy smiles and how to have better restorative dentistry outcomes when the teeth are decayed below the gum level.

Video + Audio Training

This course comes with multiple formats so you can immerse in the videos and listen on the go as you need.

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6 Hour In-Depth Audio Program ($297 in value)

1 Year Access to the SurgicalMaster Monthly Coaching Show ($4800)

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Take the course for 4 weeks to get the knowledge, start implementing, and let the systems and protocols work for you. If for whatever reason the course doesn’t provide the support you need, send us an e-mail and you will be fully refunded with no questions.

We believe you should be happy with your investment, so this has been our policy from the beginning.

Hi Ziv, Just officially started my own crown lengthening cases, I have done 1 or 2 here or there, but i put SurgicalMaster training to the test... #31. Took an hour. It went smooth and, as you know, I have a great periodontist with me so the heat was on! It went great. Thank you Sensie!!!
Dr. Jefrey M. Rosenberg
| Philadelphia, PA

“It’s the culture and the people I felt like home I cannot wait to get back to Ottawa and implement this techniques”

Dr. Kamil Abou-Kheir    |    Ottawa, Canada

“Some people are good practitioners, others are good educators, BUT a few people have both those things – and Dr. Ziv Simon has those.

He understands treatment from beginning to end, ALL the complications, and is able to educate those especially when it comes to complications. I would highly recommend his SurgicalMaster series and learning from the master so you too can be a master!”

Gregori Kurtzman, DDS    |    Silver Spring, MD

Esthetic & Functional Crown Lengthening Surgery Blueprint

Believe it or not, you can learn to provide value and have surgical success at any
stage of your dental career, at any age, and any skill level.

This is the course to start exactly where you are, from zero skills to moderate experience in crown lengthening surgery. We’ve mapped the path from zero to 100% master in this course, condensing decades of trusted steps and techniques into 4 weeks of step-by-step material that’s easy to understand. You’ll learn the most important keys: providing huge value and perfecting implementation. That’s what this training is all about.

Esthetic & Functional Crown Lengthening Surgery Blueprint is a 4-week mentoring and coaching program on a private and dedicated platform.

In the course, you will:

For a limited time, we’re including...

Recorded coaching sessions with Dr. Simon on critical points in periodontal surgery. If you are willing and committed to your own growth, we will stand by you and show you the way.

What you get:

Dr. Ziv Simon did all the research, put in all the years of education, made all the mistakes, and developed all the protocols so you don’t have to struggle. This course will cover everything you ever need to know about functional and esthetic crown lengthening.

This course is strategically designed to fill in your knowledge gaps, give you an actionable step-by-step A to Z solution, and provide clear protocols with ongoing support.

You’ll Be Able To:

Expand your menu of services

Grow your surgical skills

Add more value to your
patients and retain them longer

Increase your income

Stand out from the competition

We’ve created a shortcut to success that allows you to implement each step in your practice immediately.


Master Crown Lengthening

All surgical education videos are hosted inside the course with
convenient access at any time.


Essential Skills to
Master Surgery

Greatness begins with a strong foundation. In this module, Dr. Ziv Simon goes over the guidelines for:


The Power and Opportunity of Crown Lengthening Surgery

Dr. Ziv Simon explains the opportunity that will open when you can perform crown lengthening surgeries. You will learn:


Preparation for the Procedures: What you need to know to operate with confidence

When you know your true value as a practitioner, you’ll stop giving away procedures for cheap or for free. In this week, Dr. Ziv Simon will change how you think about yourself and your skills, and show you the true value you have the potential to provide. This week is all about business to make your surgery happen.
You learn how to:


Your Blueprint for Successful Functional and Esthetic Crown Lengthening Surgery

This week you’ll go through a step-by-step simplified blueprint for functional and esthetic crown lengthening. You’ll be able to replicate Dr. Simon’s results from any starting skill level. This week covers:

As you master these steps and grow as a surgeon, you’ll also be able to grow your practice.

"SurgicalMaster is an invaluable resource for any dentist who is committed to excelling and being the best at what they do. I use it, a lot of my Diva colleagues use it and so should you!"
Delia Tuttle, DDS, MD
Canyon Lake, California
"He is teaching dentists how to become better, faster and more efficient through his legendary SurgicalMaster. Wherever he's teaching, don't walk - RUN!."
Howard E. Farran, DDS., MBA, MAGD
Founder of DentalTown, Phoenix, Arizona
"Ziv Simon is the general dentist’s best friend to help integrate periodontal surgery into our own practices. His “surgicalmaster” course is comprehensive and enlightening and will rapidly boost our own skills and confidence to the levels of far more experienced surgeons."
Carl Werts, DDS
Glendale, California

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6 Hour In-Depth Audio Program

The AUDIO PROGRAM includes:

1 year access to the Surgicalmaster® Monthly Coaching Show

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