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The knowledge to advance your
career with surgery shouldn’t be hard to find...or reserved for surgical specialists.

The Implant Blueprint Mentorship (IBM) is our step-by-step roadmap to accurately place implants at the level of a specialist.

When you have the exact blueprints and systems we use in our Beverly Hills practices, you’ll have everything you need to master implant surgery like a periodontist.

"A great bunch of people who are very similar minded, willing to evolve and grow and get better and being under a fantastic trainer, Dr. Ziv Simon.
A real treat!"
Dr. Kavendra Naidoo
New Zealand
"I used to not do much surgery at all, and since I started with SurgicalMaster, I’ve been doing a lot more surgery, has improved my bottom line and renewed my interest in dentistry."
Dr. Patrick Yee
"It’s unique, it’s powerful on multiple levels. Anybody that’s looking to improve their game both clinically, professionally, personally, THIS IS A GREAT INVESTMENT!"
Dr. Mark Link


Our teaching technology covers live instruction, self-study, mentorship, and group coaching.
Here’s what you’ll access with the IBM program:

Receive six modules of foundational principles, plus monthly live mentorship interactions and live Q&A opportunities.

With multiple forms of learning, you’ll fill your knowledge gaps with the cutting-edge, reliable steps from leading clinicians.


Dr. Simon and Dr. Riman are sought-after clinicians and unconventional educators.

Learn from Dr. Ziv Simon’s expertise as a specialist, and Dr. Rashad Riman’s experience as a Super GP. In this course, you’ll receive their best tips from years of experience to excel at implant placement and restoration.


Participate in monthly live coaching sessions.

Dr. Ziv will share his experience with mistakes, complications, complex cases and best practices as a periodontist.


When you know exactly what to do and how to do it, you can create clear expectations with your patients. You’ll create predictable results for each case, with no guessing and no lost sleep.


The IBM is a product of 20 years of Dr. Simon's experience in the creation of a predictable system to place dental implants that you can replicate and repeat over and over for every case.

Dr. Riman shows the practical application of the IBM system, with real examples of the success you can create in your own practice.


This program is unique in that you witness a general dentist (Dr. Riman) being mentored by a periodontist (Dr. Simon). The lessons are crafted to mentor you from exactly where you are, with options for in-person mentoring available too.

What is the
"Implant Blueprint Mentorship"?

It has never been easier, more convenient, more predictable, more affordable or safer to learn implant surgery than with the Implant Blueprint Mentorship Program™.

“When Dr. Rashad and I started this program, we meant for it to be revolutionary. We’re here to change the world of surgical education, so you can create the career that accomplishes your goals.”

If you’ve wanted to grow your practice, but you’ve felt:

  • Confused about where to learn and tired of fragmented implant education
  • Shocked at the price tag of advanced dental education
  • Left with questions in the courses you’ve pursued
  • Lacking confidence to start scheduling surgeries
  • Insecure about managing complications

We understand. The Implant Blueprint Mentorship contains 20 years of specialty experience in a simple, concise and systematic way. It’s all distilled so you can implement with clarity.

Current implant education is archaic, costly and

This program combines online self-study modules, live instructions, personal group mentorship and case reviews. We have developed and tested our implant teaching system for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

If you do what we show you in this course, you will grow to be a master at placing implants. If that’s something you dream of achieving… we’re in your corner.

Whether you’d like to add more services to your practice, or begin building increased time and financial flexibility with a high-demand service, the Implant Blueprint Mentorship will get you there.





Extractions, bone grafts



Precise and predictable planning



Building soft tissue for your implants



Implant placement step-by-step



Implant uncovering and preparation for restoration



Maintenance, implant complications & peri-implantitis

How The IBM Works



Go through the 6 modules of the IBM representing the roadmap to mastering implant surgery. This simple and concise teaching system creates quick results and compounded, integrated learning.



Participate in the monthly group coaching sessions and receive mentorship on your cases to implement what you’ve learned.



By following the implementation webinars and asking your questions, you’ll be able to get the same results Dr. Simon shares in the course.
“Thank you Drs. Ziv Simon and Rashad Riman for all the amazing CE you’ve put together over the years. Your live training and case review is next-level stuff!

To all my dental surgery homies, check out their Implant Blueprint Mentorship Program! This is pure, comprehensive, honest coaching for fellow imperfect human beings who want to take their skills to the next level!”

Dr. Mike Danelia
| Gross Pointe Woods, MI


When you join the IBM now, you’ll unlock 4 exclusive bonuses
for a limited time... valued at over $9,000!


Implant Practice
Strategy Program

A strategic bundle of key implant education that you can watch at your convenience.

  •  The most common implant scenarios in your practice.
  • Foundational implant and bone grafting education.
  • Setting your practice up for implants and implant inventory.
  • Dive deep into the process of Computer Guided Implant Surgery.
  • How to read CT scans for implants. 

Value: $2,997


Surgical Assisting

Dr. Simon’s assisting protocols, surgical set-up and optimizing your implant surgery.

  • Open book to Dr. Simon’s assisting team.
  •  The surgical set-up for Dr. Simon’s surgical procedures.
  • Set up for sinus lifts, implant surgery  & extractions.
  • Set up for perio surgery and soft tissue grafting.
  • Huddle videos your assistants can watch before surgery.

Value: $997


Monthly Coaching Sessions

Join Drs Ziv Simon and Rashad Riman every month for their coaching show where they mentor dentists from around the world.  

  • You submit cases to our portal which get reviewed by our mentor.
  • Get feedback on cases you have done.
  • Get an action plan for cases that you are planning to do.
  • Get guidance on case selection and identifying “red flags”.
  • Watch the coaching session’s recordings in case you missed.

Value: $4,800


Complication Management Training

Two online programs that will give predictable systems to manage implants complications and manage the patient.

  • 5 step system to manage complications from discovery to resolution.
  • Patient communication framework during complication management.
  • How to avoid legal liabilities.
  • Managing peri-implantitis. 
  • Implant removal and re-do.
  • Dealing with implant infections.

Value: $1,100

#5 - Special Bonus - How to Present and Sell Implant Surgery Training

The Implant Blueprint Mentorship program teaches you how to place implants with confidence and clarity. In this exclusive special training, Dr. Simon will teach you his case presentation system so that you’re prepared to confidently present treatment recommendations with high case acceptance rates.

Dr. Simon will share what images need to be reviewed with the patient and the exact words he is using while presenting them. You will learn an organized and predictable way to organize the records and present them to your patients in a simple and convincing manner.

Value: $497

It’s simple to join:

Sign up and choose your payment type. We do have a payment plan option.

You’ll have immediate access to learn and implement the 6 core modules of the IBM.

Enjoy unlimited access to the modules and webinars, and 1 year full access to the mentorship to transform your confidence and your practice.

“I really thank you for all the support and the dedication that you put in my education. This is my first implant after the IBM!

I watched the videos before the procedure today and it helped boost my confidence… almost like you were in the room with us!”

Dr. Nashwan Ibrahim | New Zealand


As with all of my trainings, I offer a full money back guarantee.

After celebrating success with hundreds of students of the IBM, I’m confident you will find the course useful and effective. However, if you are unhappy in any way or feel that you did not receive the value you expected for any reason, we can terminate access and give you a full refund within 30 days.

To your surgical success, prosperity and happiness,

Ziv Simon DMD. Msc.

Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology and Implant Surgery

“I want to personally thank Ziv and Rashad for everything you have taught me. The knowledge and wisdom that you have shared with me has been a great help throughout my career. My success is a great reflection of your mentorship.

I want to express my deepest gratitude for the hospitality. You have been excellent inspiration, friends, and mentors. You have inspired me to shoot for my goals.

You have shown me the value of hard work and staying inquisitive to learn new things. I appreciate everything I have learned from you. Thanks for being a major part of my implant career and its success!”

Dr. Brainard Llanes | Chicago, Illinois

“You feel comfortable asking questions.”

“Ziv is just a great teacher, and he’s real open so you feel comfortable asking him questions. He explains the difficulties he has and that helps me get over my own difficulties. I started placing implants here lately and so Ziv’s teachings increased my implant surgery skills, and along with implant placement comes soft tissue considerations and problems so this course had that covered and that’s why I chose it.”
Dr. John Thomas | Oklahoma

“I’m placing about 100 implants a year now.”

“I’m probably placing about 100 implants a year now. And I think you could always learn and do better, and I want to feel more confident and do my cases at the same level as a qualified periodontist like Dr. Ziv. I’ve had patients say, why did you send me to this doctor? Can’t you do it? And so I finally wanted to learn myself how to do it so that I can take better care of my patients.”
Dr. Phil Mendelovitz | Los Angeles

“It’s the ability to raise what you do to another level.”

“It’s the ability to raise what you do to another level. I place implants and I haven’t done very many soft tissue procedures, which is exactly why I took this course, just to boost that knowledge and to boost the effectiveness and efficiency of what I do.”
Dr. Derwin Munroe | Bahamas


This is the best clinical training program that we have ever created.

Our commitment to you is that nothing will be held back. No stone will be left unturned and we will walk you through the entire implant placement and soft tissue surgery engineering process for implants so that you can achieve predictable success in implant dentistry.

The Implant Blueprint Mentorship™ is our flagship and we invite you to join us.

— Dr. Ziv Simon & Dr. Rashad Riman


SurgicalMaster is currently the fastest-growing online education company for dentists in the world.

With tens of thousands of dentists graduating from our effective online courses and masterminds, attending live events, millions of views on social media, 10,000 person broadcast participation, thousands of book sales, and proprietary teaching aids now used around the world…

We are changing the game.

We’re lifting the monopoly on high-end knowledge, techniques, and treatment systems, so you can create a stable career that fulfills you.

“Being part of the Implant Blueprint Mentorship Program allowed me to be in a community and ask questions about cases I’m struggling with.

Thank you for your hospitality and for allowing me to spend a day in your office during my IBM preceptorship. It was super great to look over your shoulders!”

Dr. Eveline Weber | Urdof, Switzerland


Valued at $3,500

24-27 AGD PACE Logo


Valued at $6,394


Valued at $9,894

Plus a Special Bonus Training...

How to Present and Sell Implant Surgery - with Dr. Simon

Learn from Dr. Simon as he teaches his case presentation system so that you can also confidently present treatment recommendations with high case acceptance rates.

Learn which images need to be reviewed with the patient and the exact words he is using while presenting them.

Dr. Simon will also share an organized and predictable way to organize the records and present them to your patients in a simple and convincing manner.

Valued at $497


Valued at $9,894

And limited time only bonus...

Valued at $497






Absolutely! We encourage and want you to participate. That enables us to understand where you are in your learning curve so that we can help you go to where you want.

All of the trainings are pre-recorded and placed inside your library and are available immediately. You get unlimited access to the main course materials so you can move through them at any time and at your own pace, and you will have one year of access to the Monthly Coaching Show & Mentorship. Once the year is over you will be given the option to renew your access to the Monthly Coaching Show.

You do not need any special software to access the course materials, as they are hosted on a cloud-based platform. This means you can access it from any device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) with an internet connection. It is compatible with all operation systems (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android). 

For any technical problems, email our support team at Help@surgicalmaster.com.

Absolutely! The goal here is to give you a safe environment where you are free to ask any questions you want without feeling judged. It’s clear for us what you need to succeed in soft tissue surgery– we’ve seen these cases thousands of times and know where things can go wrong. Our job is to keep you safe when you consult us on cases you are considering. We want you to have clarity on your goals and limitations and the ability to avoid pitfalls before you reach them.

You will get 36 CE credits upon passing the final course exam (subject code 690 – Implants).

The core course has six modules to which you will have immediate access, and you can stream the modules at your convenience. All digital bonuses will also be available immediately within your course area.

Every month we will have a live session of the Surgical Master Monthly Coaching Show, where we review member cases and cover key topics important for your growth and answer questions.

You have unlimited access to the Implant Blueprint Mentorship online course materials. You will also receive 1-year access to mentorship by our experts via the Monthly Coaching Show where you can bring any case you wish to treat or have questions about.

The only prerequisites are a valid dental license and a willingness to learn! 

Join hundreds of dentists in the Implant Blueprint Mentorship as you

Take control of your growth, the smart way.

Designed by a general dentist and double-boarded periodontist to shorten your learning curve, the Implant
Blueprint Mentorship™ is the most convenient, efficient, and effective way to learn how to perform surgery and
manage more complex implant cases with focus on accuracy, safety, and practice growth.