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Learn the exact steps Dr. Ziv Simon uses every day to get predictable results, and the mindset you need to master implant surgery.

You don’t have to feel stuck in your implant surgeries.

Any general dentist can perform successful implant surgeries.
In this 1-hour training, Dr. Ziv simon covers:

Here are the 6 steps we will cover:

How to create the ridge size you need so you have enough bone to place an implant in the perfect position.
The 5 rules of precision placement and safe placement in the esthetic zone.
How to maximize the amount of soft tissue and the quality for implants
How to achieve predictable implant placement torque every time so you don’t get spinners or over-torqued, broken implants.
How to uncover an implant in an esthetic way, to make them look like natural teeth.
How to make long-lasting implants so they last for decades and become a profit center for your practice.

‟My goal in this training is to share my mindset and the exact steps I use to shorten your learning curve.”

If you are a general dentist and you want to:

then this training will give you the next steps to mastering surgery.

Dr. Ziv Simon

Periodontist & Educator in Beverly Hills, CA

You don’t have to read 30 textbooks or scroll through YouTube Videos.

That kind of education will only confuse you.

If you want to master surgery, you need proven, predictable, step-by-step systems
for each procedure that surgeons and dentists are already using every day.

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