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Esthetic and Functional Crown Lengthening

Based on your answers, the next best step for you would be to take our
Esthetic and Functional Crown Lengthening course.

Here’s how you’ll grow in the course:

I’m probably placing about 100 implants a year now. And I think you could always learn and do better, and I want to feel more confident and do my cases at the same level as a qualified periodontist like Dr. Ziv.

I’ve had patients say, why did you send me to this doctor? Can’t you do it? And so I finally wanted to learn myself how to do it so that I can take better care of my patients.

Dr. Phil Mendelovitz |
Los Angeles

It’s the ability to raise what you do to another level. I place implants and I haven’t done
very many soft tissue procedures, which is exactly why I took this course, just to boost
that knowledge and to boost the effectiveness and efficiency of what I do.

Dr. Derwin Munroe |

Ziv is just a great teacher, and he’s real open so you feel comfortable asking him questions. He explains the difficulties he has and that helps me get over my difficulties.

Dr. John Thomas |

Some people are good practitioners, others are good educators, BUT a few people have both those things – and Dr. Ziv Simon has those. He understands treatment from beginning to end, ALL the complications, and is able to educate those especially when it comes to complications.

Gregori Kurtzman |

“I used to not do much surgery at all, and since I started with SurgicalMaster, I’ve been doing a lot more surgery, has improved my bottom line and renewed my interest in dentistry.”

Dr. Patrick Yee |

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