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In May 2014, Dr. Ziv Simon was presenting one of his many workshops for general dentists; he was demonstrating procedures that dentists can incorporate so that they develop a sharper eye for diagnosis and not have to refer patients out of their practices. One participant, in particular, was extremely impressed, not only by Dr. Simon's skill sets and extensive but also by his humility, caring and generous spirit. 

That participant was Dr. Rashad Riman who, it turns out, had a practice four blocks away from Dr. Simon in Beverly Hills, where, it's fair to say, the level of patient expectations and discernment is like no place else on earth. 

The two doctors met that day and realized just how much they had in common: a passion for their professions, a love of learning, the courage to try new things, a well-traveled background, and a strong desire to create a more positive fellowship throughout the dental community and do some good in the world.

Never mind that Dr. Simon was from Israel and Dr. Riman was from Lebanon. In fact, all the better.

Shortly after their meeting, they began talking about the lack of quality, accessible training for dentists who are serious about learning and taking their practice to the next level.

“I found many of the specialists and academics didn’t want to share their knowledge; they’d rather not have general dentists privy to the procedures they were doing and the techniques they were using. There has been this mystique that certain procedures, no matter how easy, are reserved only for specialists and only for those who were going to go to a university to formally study and become a specialist,” explains Dr. Riman.


“The truth is, the more we know as dentists, the more confidently and effectively – and comprehensively—we can serve our patients.” 


“The truth is, the more we know as dentists, the more confidently and effectively – and comprehensively—we can serve our patients,” he says.

Inspired by the prospect of opening up areas of knowledge and training for general practitioners worldwide, Drs. Simon and Riman got to work creating an online learning environment specifically for dentists who wish to strengthen their skill sets, increase their confidence, learn surgical procedures and grow their practice.

Dr. Simon explains, “Surgical Master is revolutionizing the way that continuing education for dentists is handled. We are delivering the game-changing knowledge and skill sets that dentist need to learn in order to elevate their practices and serve their patients at the highest levels. That creates more empowered dentists, more fulfilling and profitable practices, and more satisfied patients. In doing so, we’ve also developed a very positive fellowship of dentists here. It’s a supportive community of peers helping each other succeed, rather than seeing each other as a threat.”

Dr. Riman adds, “We believe in democratizing knowledge because there is plenty of work to go around.”

Next stop: Peace in the Middle East : )

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Ziv Simon, DMD, MSc

Ziv Simon

Ziv Simon is a periodontist practicing in Beverly Hills, California. He obtained his dental degree from Tel Aviv University, where he held a teaching position in the Department of Prosthodontics. Also, he received his periodontal graduate degree from the University of Toronto where he obtained a Master of Science degree in Periodontology. He has conducted advanced research on bone engineering and dental implants. He lectures nationally as well as internationally on smile design, implant dentistry and tissue reconstruction.

Rashad Riman, DDS

Dr. Rashad Riman is a dentist, inventor, and artist all in one; a true new-age Renaissance man. Driven by his desire to help others, Dr. Rashad Riman takes pride in treating patients who have been unhappy or traumatized with their previous dental experiences and changing their perception for the better. Dr. Rashad Riman’s ability to design and craft stunning smiles puts his patients at ease and gives them peace of mind, knowing that they are well taken care of. In addition to working with patients, Dr. Rashad Riman is an out of the box educator who has a keen ability to simplify the complexity so that doctors are able to internalize key knowledge and develop skill sets that allow them to grow. 


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